2017 CPA Exam Changes. 

Get to know the AICPA Blueprints 

For CPA Candidates everywhere, the CPA Exam changed dramatically on April 1, 2017. There's a new exam structure, an added emphasis on critical thinking and higher order skills, and most importantly, new AICPA blueprints that map out exactly what to study to pass the CPA exam. Watch the video below to learn more.


All Yaeger CPA Review Course Materials have been updated to reflect changes to the 2017 CPA Exam.

NEW!  Textbooks based on AICPA blueprints 
NEW!  Updated and enhanced Software 
NEW!  Fresh Lecture Videos


AdaptaPASS - The only patent-pending technology that creates a CPA Review study plan that will conform to your individual learning style. Our course format will adapt to your best way of learning, rather than you adjusting your studying to the same format everyone else is using.
Yaeger Textbooks – Our all new textbooks have been individually reviewed by Phil Yaeger and his CPA staff to provide the best, most comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy to understand resource available to CPA candidates. No more dealing with out-of-touch publishers or tolerating typos that never get corrected. Phil promises these books, with his name on them, will continue to be of the highest quality available to prepared you to tackle even the most challenging problems on the CPA exam.
Yaeger Practice Software, Quiz Generator and Exam Simulator - We strive to continue to be the highest quality software on the market. To us, quality is more important than quantity. We have reviewed tens of thousands of MCQs, comprehensive problems sets and simulations, and only selected the best questions to teach concepts so candidates will understand them and be able to apply them to the situations presented on the CPA exam.
Yaeger Video Lectures - 100+ hours of video lectures synced to the brand-new Yaeger textbooks. Real teaching, the old-fashioned way. Perfect for those who are more visual learners and would like to experience a more traditional classroom experience from instructors who teach you HOW!
Yaeger Audio Listen-n-Learn Lectures - Excellent for candidates who are auditory learners or have long commutes.
Yaeger Flash Cards - The fun way to test yourself anytime, anywhere, on your smart phone.
Yaeger CRAM Courses - Let us coach you through your final review, a few weeks before exam day, with video lectures that highlight important topics that deserve extra emphasis.
Competitive Gaming FUN – A really fun way to test your knowledge by competing with other online gaming candidates. And, it’s FREE!


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